Submission Script Variables

We send information to your site using the POST method, and the variables we send are listed below

Author Info

Article Info

To get any of the information in any of the variables we send, you would use $_POST['auth_name'] for example, to get the authors penname!

Example PHP script -

// Database connection stuff here
if (!$_POST){ // Check if it's an actual $_POST or not
die; // Exit the script
if(isset($_POST['author'])) // Check if it's an author record. If not set, it's an illegal access
$auth_name = $_POST['author'];
// Etc.... Get your variables to include in your database
// Be sure to initialize your variables and check they are what they should be!
// You would do the same thing for articles submissions. Check if $_POST['articles'] is set first,
// then create your variables and add the info to your database